Design & Fly Marseille Edition

Article 1: Host Company

FLYING AND EXPLORING TOGETHER BY VOLOTEA AND THE MAGAZINE SHOWUSYOURTYPE (hereinafter, the “Contest”) is an action of the online magazine Showusyourtype (represented by Elisabeth Badia, holder of NIF 46141355C, of Spanish nationality, with domicile at Barcelona) (hereinafter, “SHOWUSYOURTYPE”) in collaboration with Volotea S.A., (holder of Spanish Tax Identification Number A-64841927, of Spanish nationality, with headquarters in Travessera de Gràcia, 56, 4th floor, Barcelona, and with registered office in Aeropuerto de Asturias, 33459 Santiago del Monte, Castrillón-Spain) (hereinafter, "VOLOTEA"), between February 1th 2019 and March 31st 2019 and addressed to any person who complies with the conditions and requirements established in these present terms and conditions (hereinafter, the "Terms and Conditions" or “Bases”).

Article 2: Object of the contest

SHOWUSYOURTYPE and VOLOTEA propose to promote emerging talent through a special edition in the on-line magazine Showusyourtype, where any person who complies with the Bases is invited to participate in the Contest by designing the typography of Marseille where Volotea operates.

Article 3: Period of the Contest

The Contest will take place from February 1th 2019 until March 31th 2019, both days included (hereinafter, "Period of the Contest"), according to the modalities of these Bases.

Article 4: Participation Conditions

The Contest is open to any natural person of legal age with an Internet address who is a resident of any worldwide country.
An email address is required to participate in the Contest.
SHOWUSYOURTYPE and VOLOTEA reserve the right to carry out any verification required with respect to the identity, postal address and / or electronic address of the Participants.
It is excluded from any participation in this Contest and from the benefit of any prize, both directly and indirectly, to all of VOLOTEA and SHOWUSYOURTYPE’s employees, including their direct relatives and their spouses.
Participants who have not proven their full data and/or complete their identities and/or who have provided incomplete, inaccurate or misleading information will be disqualified.
The participation in the Contest entails full and unreserved acceptance of these Bases by all the Participants. The breach of these Bases entails the automatic cancellation of participation and potential assignment of awards.

Article 5: Participation modalities

SHOWUSYOURTYPE will carry out a special edition with VOLOTEA.
The Contest is open to any natural person of legal age with an Internet address who is a resident of any worldwide country. Likewise, only natural persons can participate. Groups, legal persons, companies, associations, and similar entities are excluded.
The Contest complies one-competition periods: Marseille edition will run from February 1st to March 31st of 2019.
This Contest will be made known to the public through different communication tools (newsletters, social networks). In order to participate, the Participants who comply with these Bases must send posters with the typography of Marseille, in JPG format, to the following email address: during the competition period previously indicated. Along with the print, the authors must indicate in the aforementioned email their full name.
The prints received before the dates indicated for each of the cities, that is before March 31 st for Marseille, which are the object of the contest, will be entered to participate in the contest
The prints must be original and previously unpublished and must not have been presented in other previous contests. SHOWUSYOURTYPE and VOLOTEA in any case will be responsible if any of the prints presented turns out to be a plagiarism. The responsibility will be solely and exclusively from the competitor. The Participants can send more than one print. It is totally forbidden to send any print that contain offensive, advertising images or photographs which have no relation with the theme of the Contest. Volotea reserves the right to delete those photographs that do not meet the requirements of this Terms and Conditions as well as cancel the participation of those Participants who do not comply with those Bases. The participation in the Contest implies the full acceptance with no reservation of those Bases. The non-acceptance of this Terms and Condition entitles the exclusion of the participation in the Contest.
Showusyourtype and VOLOTEA reserve the right to discard all those prints that are offensive, that reveal any type of discrimination or those suspected of plagiarism.
No additional steps are necessary to participate in the Contest.

Artícle 6: Publicity

The Contest will be published in the different social networks of VOLOTEA and SHOWUSYOURTYPE in a public way.
All the prints will be showed at the web and social networks of SHOWUSYOURTYPE and VOLOTEA.
By accepting to participate in the Contest, the winning Participant allows and authorizes for their personal data to be published as the winner on the social networks of VOLOTEA and SHOWUSYOURTYPE.
Likewise, the Participants accept to be photographed or be the object of audiovisual stories, and will assign their image for use in any advertising materials pertaining to this Competition, including online, for no compensation.

Artícle 7: Declaration of Truthfulness

The data provided by the Participants must be true. In case that these were false, the prize will be cancelled by Volotea. Any false or erroneous postal and/or electronic address supposes the automatic elimination of the Participant of the Contest.
SHOWUSYOURTYPE and Volotea reserves the right to proceed with any verification for the correct application of these Terms and Conditions. SHOWUSYOURTYPE and Volotea will not be held liable in case of bad reception or non-reception of the inscriptions by electronic means, whatever the reason.

Artícle 8: Winners selection

SHOWUSYOURTYPE will make a preselection of on or about 20 finalists according to the adaptation to the proposed theme, creativity and originality. The prints and names of the finalists will be made public at the online magazine SHOWUSYOURTYPE.
Of all those finalists, VOLOTEA will choose two winners for Marseille Contest. The winners will be selected by a jury composed of three members of Volotea marketing team on or about the second following week after the end of the competition period. The evaluation criteria will be the adaptation to the proposed theme, creativity and originality.
VOLOTEA will contact the winner through email. To this end, participants must maintain the indicated communication channels available. The winners will be made public at the online magazine Showusyourtype as well as at social network and webpage of Volotea.
Each Participant is entitled to one (1) unique prize, even having participated in more than one occasion. One (1) single prize will be awarded to the winning Participant (same name and same address).
The winning Participants will be named after verifying that the Participant is eligible to win the prize in question according to the Terms and Conditions. VOLOTEA will contact the winner within a maximum of ten (10) days after the results of the competition have been published in the online magazine Showusyourtype. If the winning participant does not contact Volotea within two (2) weeks from the publication of the results in Showusyourtype magazine or if after checking the winner personal data she or he does not comply with this Terms and Conditions, the prize will be given to another participant selected by the same jury of the Volotea marketing team and according to the same evaluation criteria.
Volotea may not be regarded as responsible for delivery of the prizes to an inaccurate address due to a negligence on the part of the winner.
By the mere fact of accepting the prize, the winning Participant authorizes Volotea to use their surnames, their name, as well as the indication of their city and their region of residence, in any advertising or promotional event, on Volotea website and in any other website or affiliated support. This use will not entitle the Participant to receive compensation other than the prize.
Likewise, the winning Participants accept and agree to collaborate in order for them to take photographs or audiovisual reports, and they will freely and exclusively assign, without temporal or territorial limits and for purposes of exhibition and promotion, the rights to the winning prints, as well as its image (provided that it is not in turn assigned to third parties) to appear in any other commercial event of Volotea. Likewise, the Participant expresses and guarantees that the print proposed in the Contest is original and, therefore, its sole original owner, without limitations and exclusively.
The winning Participants must adhere to these Terms and Conditions. If it is discovered that they do not meet the criteria of these Terms and Conditions, no prize will be awarded to them. The Participants authorize any verification with respect to their identity, their age, their postal data or the legitimacy and sincerity of their participation. In this regard, Volotea reserves the right to request a copy of the winners’ identity document, before sending the prize. Any declaration, indication of identity or address that is false, supposes the immediate elimination of the Participants and, in if applicable, the reimbursement of the prizes already delivered.

Article 9: Prize

Two (2) single prizes will be awarded to the winning Participants. Volotea will contact the winners via the same email address from which the Participant previously participated, and will inform about the conditions of the prize.
There are two category prizes:
1. Proximity prize: The prize consists of one voucher of three hundred euros (€300) valid for a roundtrip ticket for two people with Volotea from Marseille to any point where Volotea operates, under the following conditions established (hereinafter, the “Prize”). The winner of this first prize has to be resident (or be born) in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Marseille region. The value of each prize is a maximum of THREE HUNDRED EUROS (€300) and includes the value of the fare, taxes, and also the seat and the extra suitcase up to the value of the price. It does not include any additional services.
The flight must be booked between the 25th of April and the 15th of July. The voucher must be used for flights from the 13th of May until the 1st of December, except the following dates or periods: from 29th of May until 2nd June, from the 07th until the 10th of June, from the 20th of July until the 3rd of September, and from the 31st of October until the 3rd of November.
Volotea will contact the winners via email informing about the voucher number which they must use at the time of booking the flight.
To use the prize, the winners must enter, at the time of booking the flight, the voucher number that was previously received by email.
Volotea will not be liable in any manner for the travel, accommodation and / or maintenance expenses such as visas, transfers, travel insurance or other benefits in which the winners may incur during their stay in the destination city.
In the case of requesting for the enjoyment of the trip/s different conditions (add companions, etc.), all additional expenses that are derived will be charged to the winner. In the event that the winner wishes to make a modification to the reservation, once it has been made, it will assume the costs generated by said modification. Changes and/or cancellations are subject to the conditions of the rates of the different services. In any case, the trip/s will be subject to availability, in accordance with the normal contracting conditions.

2. International prize: a second poster will be chosen to be part of the decoration of Volotea Office at Marseille airport .This prize is open to all the participants worldwide.

Article 10: Other relevant considerations


The personal data that Participants provide will be treated only by SHOWUSYOURTYPE , so as to manage their participation in this Contest and make the delivery of the awards that have been achieved. By participating in this Contest SHOWUSYOURTYPE believes that it has a legitimate interest to process your data.
VOLOTEA will not use personal data for any purpose and will only share the prints in their website and social network .
The Participants can at any time withdraw their authorization or exercise the rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition, treatment limitation and portability, as well as all those that are recognized by the current legislation on data protection through the following email address , if deemed appropriate, file a claim with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.


All participants in the contest, by accepting these rules, accept that the Prints are displayed on the website and social networks of Volotea and Showusyourtype without geographical limitation and temporal limitation, and without such exploitation confers the author right to receive remuneration or any benefit.


In accordance with Law 1/1982 on civil protection, the right to honour, personal and family privacy and one's own image, the participants agree that, if they are the winners of the contest, Showusyourtype and VOLOTEA will be able to capture and reproduce by any means their images and advertise their status as a winner, indicating their name, surnames and image, in any advertising and / or promotional activity that is related to this contest and, especially, with the enjoyment of the prizes that derive from their participation in the contest through any means of reproduction both technological (internet, cd and other analogues) and conventional (paper, photographs and other analogues), in any medium or technical or technological system currently in existence or that is in the research and development phase (including by way of example without limitation the exploitation of the internet, television exploitation in any form) without such activities not confer to the winner the right to receive any remuneration or benefit other than the delivery of the prize won according to these rules.

The winner gives Showusyourtype and VOLOTEA free of charge the image rights that may correspond to them as a result of the audiovisual broadcast and / or recording, as well as the individual or collective graphic reports that are made, and expressly and irrevocably authorizes Showusyourtype to keep the aforementioned recordings and graphic images to be used totally or partially for advertising or promotional purposes in the media that it considers convenient or in any Internet domain of Showusyourtype -VOLOTEA, or networks of which it is a member.


SHOWUSYOURTYPE and VOLOTEA reserve the right to make modifications or add annexes on these bases in relation to their mechanics and prizes, provided that they are justified or do not harm the Participants, they are made within the period of validity of the contest and communicate to them properly.
SHOWUSYPURTYPE and Volotea are not responsible for incidents and events of any order (for example, inability to record the data of any participant, etc.) that are caused by a poor provision of the service by postal and / or courier companies
Volotea reserves the right to make changes or add successive appendices on the mechanics and prizes, provided that they are justified or do not damage Participants and are duly notified to Participants. Any Participant who refuses to accept any changes made will cease to participate in the Competition.

The Prize may not be the object of replacement, exchange, alteration, compensation, assignment, or sale by the winner.

Article 11: Limitation of Liability

The participation in the Contest supposes the knowledge and the unreserved acceptance of the characteristics and the limits of Internet, in particular with regard to the technical performance, the response time to consult, ask or transmit information, the risks of interruption and more in general the risks inherent in any connection and transmission on the Internet, the lack of protection of certain data against possible deviations, and the risks of contamination by possible viruses circulating through the network.
Consequently, VOLOTEA or SHOWUSYOURTYPE cannot be held responsible under any circumstance for any of the following, without this list being limiting:
• For the transmission and / or reception of any data and / or information on the Internet.
• For any malfunction of the Internet network that prevents the proper development / operation during registration.
• By a failure of any reception material or communication lines;
• For the loss of any paper or electronic shipment and, more generally,
• For the loss of any data.
• Due to channeling problems.
• For the operation of any software
• For the consequences of any virus, computer error, anomaly, technical failure.  for any damage caused to a participant's computer.
• For any technical, hardware and software failure, of any nature, that prevents or limits the possibility of participating in the Contest or that has damaged the system of a participant
It is expressly stated that VOLOTEA and SHOWUSYOURTYPE cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage that may arise from an interruption, from a malfunction of any type and reason, or from any direct or indirect damage that may arise, from any way, from a connection to the web.
It is the responsibility of the Participants to take all appropriate measures to protect their own data and / or software stored on their computer equipment.
The connection of any person to the web and the participation of the Participants in the Contest are carried out under their entire responsibility. VOLOTEA and SHOWUSYOURTYPE may cancel all or part of the registration if it turns out that fraud of any kind has occurred, specifically computer fraud in the framework of the participation in the Contest or the determination of the winners.
It reserves, in that case, the right not to attribute the prizes to the fraudsters and / or to sue the competent authorities to the authors of such frauds. VOLOTEA reserves the right to sue all those who have committed fraud or attempted to commit it. However, it will not assume any responsibility towards the Participants due to the eventual fraud committed.
Specifically, fraud, among others, shall be considered the fact that a Participant registers and subsequently participates in the Contest under one or several fictitious names or taken from one or more third parties, each participant must register and participate in the Contest, under its own and only name.
Volotea reserves the right to exclude from participation in this Contest any person who disrupts or has attempted to disrupt the proper conduct of the Contest.
Any fraud involves the elimination of the Contest Participant.
In case of non-compliance by a Participant, Volotea reserves the right to void any participation arising from it, without it being able to make any kind of claim.

Article 12: Deposit of the Regulation

Participation in this game implies full, complete and unreserved acceptance of these Bases.

Article 13: Force Majeure

VOLOTEA and SHOWUSYOURTYPE will not be held liable it has to modify, reduce, or cancel the Contest in a force majeure event or due to an event beyond its control. Under no circumstances will Volotea be held liable for any errors in the provision of the services by any other person or entity whose participation is required for the winners to enjoy the prize. In the event that the Contest is suspended due to force majeure, VOLOTEA and SHOWUSYOURTYPE decline all responsibility.

Article 14: Litigation

These Terms and Conditions are subject to Spanish law.
To be taken into account, any potential challenges regarding the Contest must be made by sending a request in writing to Volotea. Challenges should be filed, at the latest, thirty (30) days from the deadline for participation in the Contest, as stated in these Terms and Conditions.
As regards any litigation that might arise regarding the interpretation or application of these Terms and Conditions, both Volotea and the Participants in this Contest expressly subject themselves to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona.